Your Tracking Number: 1Z2176231937015940

We were unable to deliver your parcel as there was no one present to sign for the delivery.
Package was returned to warehouse

    RequiredIf we do not receive any updates, it will be returned to sender in two business days

Latest update
Date & Time Location Description
01:24 Warehouse Hold in Warehouse
20:53 UPS We tried to deliver your parcel today but you weren't in or there was no safe place to leave it.
09:41 UPS Your parcel will be with you today
02:56 UPS Your parcel is at our depot
19:30 UPS We have your parcel, and it's on its way to our depot
14:38 UPS We have your parcel and it's on its way to you
13:31 Warehouse We've received your order details, but have not yet received your parcel